What makes the difference with Qognitiv ?

We have built Qognitiv banking to speed financial inclusion as this is one of the main key driving point in today’s economy.

Fully automated secured customer onboarding

First class biometric security and smart process for seamless customer onboarding.

Phone verification

The human face is a dynamic object and has a high degree of variability in its appearance, which makes face detection a difficult problem in computer vision. Qognitiv face detection system achieves the task regardless of illumination, orientation, and camera distance. Qognitiv liveness detector is capable of spotting fake faces and performing anti-face spoofing in face recognition systems.

Other key points

Augmented Bank officer with Qognitiv virtual bank officer desk

Artificial intelligence assisting bank officer, improving efficiency and better customer experience

Open cross border financial services to your customers

From strong KYC to worldwide trust, seamless access to cross border financial services

Low investment cost, extremely low operational cost per account per year

Less than 1$ / year average bank account operational costs

Smart user experience

Voice recognition and natural language processing supporting your region language accent

Financial education

Educate your customer to reach their financial goals with easy to understand credit scoring

Emerging markets

Out-of-the box special features for emerging markets like mobile money integration and many others

Want to get more insights ?

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